Saturday, March 31, 2012

How lucky can a girl get?
My LO was picked for last week's
scrapping the music challenge
and everyone who enters get a chance to win the
monthly RAK-it was also me !
Lookie how generous they are:.

They are changing their format as well:
"We will be having our challenges twice a month, instead of every week. Each time we post however, we will be giving you TWO choices/challenges.

The first will be a song prompt, just like we've been doing all along. The second prompt will also be music-related, but it might be a question, or a subject, or anything else we decide to come up with! You can choose to do the song, or the question, or both, and you will have two weeks to link us up!"

The next challenge start April 1st-check them out!

1 comment:

Patricia said...

Can't wait for you to get it. Will let you know when it is coming! Congrats again!