Saturday, March 17, 2012

SwirlyHues Entry-Pretty,Pretty Please

This is my entry for the SwirlyHues Challenge over at Swirlydoos.
This is my daughter, Naomi, in a reflective moment at around age 4. 
She is currently in middle school and being too hard on herself. 
Being biracial in a mostly cacausian town, she feels like "one of the few chips in the cookie". 
I struggled with, and unfortunately, continue to struggle with my own self-esteem issues.
 More than anything, I do not want to pass that on.
The clean version of this song by Pink is so is powerful if you have never seen it.

The tutorial I chose was the water distressing technique-turned out kinda cool.
 I wanted something that wasn't, well, perfect-get it?
Thanks for stopping by!


Lisa said...

Stunning and really touching. Gorgeous work Tracey. I'm never disappointed.

Paulien van den Bosch said...

Tracey, wow girl.... this page is breath taking beautiful!!!!!!

Rae said...

Tracey, I love this to pieces. I love the pic. This is so heartfelt.