Sunday, April 1, 2012

Flying Unicorn-April Challenge-Upcyclng-Being "Green"

                                      The April Challenges at Flying Unicorn have been posted!

Upcycle”: To convert (waste materials etc.) into new materials or products of higher quality and greater functionality.
For my challenge-find a thrift store item, or item that is useless, decrepit or has lost its function.
 Upcycle it by using your mad creative skills to turn it into something beautiful  and/or functional but the end result must be different than the item’s original purpose.

Example-Repainting a frame, still makes it a frame and doesn’t qualify. 
Repainting a frame, gessoing over the picture 
and replacing it with tiles and turning it into a serving tray is upcycling. Get it? 
This is an anything goes medium-scrappy-paint-molding paste-sewing-whatever
 you can imagine kind of challenge!

Here’s mine for inspiration.  
 It’s original purpose was to sit and spin and hold CDs. Oh, and be ugly. 
I  used the new Prima goodies from the Flying Unicorn Store, lace, Tim Holtz crackle paint and inks, and some moss trim. I used molding paste to make the ivy leaves on the sides. I left the top flat because there isn’t much headroom on the shelf where it will live.
Now it spins and holds my acryclic stamps that I store in empty CD cases-how "green" is that? 

 Maybe you already have some items you could repurpose or you could always hit the local thrift stores-you never know what you could find and create!

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Shona said...

this is just so amazing and creative........gorgeous!