Saturday, June 30, 2012

July's "Faith" Challenge at Flying Unicorn

It's a new month and that means new challenges at Flying Unicorn !
My challenge is "What does Faith Mean to You?"

Faith can mean many things to different people
Some consider their "religion" [I hate that word],
 some think of having faith in family or themselves.
Some reflect on moments when faith was tested, tried or wavering.
 Some will hopefully reflect on times when faith carried them through
 or perhaps are in a situation where faith is the only way out.
 Here is my inspiration layout:

I am an outloud and proud Christian
 and have come to rely on God as the only one strong enough
to get me through this stormy world.
 Time and time again, He comes through for me.
 Yet, at times my fears, worries and anxieties still threaten to drown my faith.
At those times, I call up the story of Jesus and Thomas..
.he needed only to trust in the Lord and he too,
 would not drown but be lifted up out of the waves.
This rustic and simple but powerful cross stands at the lakefront of our
Christian summer camp in Western Massachusetts.
When the storms threaten to overtake me,
I return to what I know is true:
Faith is more than believing God CAN provide,
it is knowing that He WILL provide..
    Can't wait to see where this journey takes you..


Lizzyc said...

Oh wow.. this layout and the meanings behind it are stunning. and yes I agree with all you have said, my faith has been a life line in some very hard times, and He is faithful even when we aren't...xx

Elizabeth said...

Love this page! I'm only sorry I did not see it in time to participate in the challenge ;)

blsd2scrp said...

very awesome! love this page!

Lisa H said...

This is a beautiful and meaningful layout! =)

PaulaJ said...

I love what you had to say and the layout is truly stunning. I totally love the photo. That must be a very peaceful place at your summer camp. The camp my son went to this summer had an outdoor chapel on the water and a cross there too overlooking the water and it was so peaceful.